money's misrepresentation and food

Money's Misrepresentation and what we eat

By Marc Gauvin

Copyright © 12/2017
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Yeah, all those bacteria that feed off us and try to kill us just to consume us. All those carnivores and omnivores that just see us as food. Is this world immoral? What if morality is just a matrix/story?

When humanity was at its height in terms of health and physical strength we were hunter gatherers, 30% of our diet was animal protein much of it stolen from other predators' kills particularly the valuable organ meats with far greater nutrient value than flesh and far more portable.  When we "graduated" to an agrarian lifestyles it is reported that we lost physical health, brain mass and strength.

The American indigenous people saw killing for food as part of the cycle of life and death all beings are condemned to. The Buddhist's leave their corpses to be consumed by scavengers to "give back" to the system of life not humanity alone.

Are we doing a favour to animals when we hunt them for food when they are on the verge of losing their prime vitality, before succumbing to the decrepitude and crippling disability of old age?

What of the farmer who cares and protects the animals he feeds off and allows them to realise their full life cycle at the price of sacrificing it or its progeny in far less painful and terrifying fashion than would a predator?

Domestic cats play with their prey while wild cats aim to suffocate them before the anaesthesia of adrenaline wears off, is that moral or immoral?

The Spanish bull fighters justify their "art" because of the fantastic lives that the majority of the herds experience in a free range existence across massive territories where whole ecosystems are preserved only "economically viable" thanks to the income the Bull fighting festival produces.

It all boils down to pain and sufferance management that celebrates life while accepting and mitigating its ultimate conclusion - death.  In this light, it is evident that "industrial" farming is a crime against nature because it does not just rob living beings of their bodies but also robs them of their entire lives and purpose, in a foolish quest to short change the very system that gives all beings life. Such an abhorrent manifestation is the fruit of the attempt to sell the promise of an impossible and illusory permanence and status of "life" to the mind's and souls of people governed by money's misrepresentation while ignoring the very essence of life, death and our true nature.

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