Avarice or Universal Fear of Loss and Exclusion

By Marc Gauvin

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 "...we can now understand how by correcting the current misrepresentation of money the common interests of both rich and poor are served,  how the so called rich are acting on the very same imperatives as do the poor induced by a faulty system assumed by all, rather than any master plan attributable to any evil cabal."


The problem at hand is that money's current commonly assumed misrepresentation is being implemented as legally valid in spite of both rich and poor being equally unable to assess nor fathom its systemic effects.   As a consequence,  ALL are compelled to obey the system dictates for fear of loss and/or future exclusion,  without ever fathoming the mathematically demonstrable irrationality of said misrepresentation and how the following corollaries due to the subsequent system instability persist no matter one's wealth:  

  1. Stability of the value of any asset holdings is systematically precluded.

  2. Asset value can only increase or decrease.

  3. The probability of decreasing asset value is systematically made greater than that of increasing it NO MATTER HOW RICH YOU ARE.

As a consequence, the threat of loss and exclusion becomes a constant FOR ALL USERS no matter their wealth status leaving ALL no other option but to attempt to amass wealth unboundedly to fend off loss of their individual asset value. This is exclusively due to the aforementioned system dynamics that arise uniquely out of conflating of the notions of measure and tradable commodity.  Under these SYSTEMIC effects we see how by the dynamics of money’s misrepresentation alone, ANY fortune no matter its size is constantly under threat of precipitous decline and how fear of loss and exclusion eclipses greed and avarice as the prime motivation for the unbridled amassing of wealth all attempt.

Understanding the above allows us to view the money problem rationally in terms of the science of the matter as opposed to the standard irrational and highly divisive demagoguery of left/right, rich/poor, virtuous/vicious discourse that only serves to intensify the already acute  fear of loss and exclusion instilled and systematised by the root misrepresentation of money.   It also explains how clamouring about the lack of virtue of "the rich" without first unequivocally addressing the misrepresentation of money is not only futile but incendiary in that it aimlessly promotes conflict and division.

By understanding how the misrepresentation of money destroys money's function as a stable measure and therefore record of value independently of one's wealth,  we can understand how correcting the current misrepresentation of money is in the common interests of both rich and poor,  as all are acting on the very same imperatives,  rather than by any imagined sinister master plan.  It is the irrational premise that we all unwittingly embrace in our day to day lives that allows for the systematisation of the wrongs we so deplore. 

This is why it is imperative that we all stop blaming and condemning and focus on understanding the SYSTEMIC effect of money's misrepresentation common to all irrespective of one's wealth status.

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