Age of Idiot Sages

By Marc Gauvin

Copyright © 06/2017 rev. 09/2022
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 "Unlike eastern sages and other mystics, who use puzzles to point at what cannot be uttered but can be experienced, Idiot Sages transform what can never be experienced into a puzzle that can be uttered."

Similar to Idiot Savants,  that while able to memorise entire phone book listings do not know what the numbers are for,  Idiot Sages aka "gate keepers", memorise the minutiae of current events without a clue of what is required to solve any of the underlying problems.

Idiot Sages exploit the generalised inability to distinguish correlation from causation to monopolise "public opinion" and direct it along any number of  fruitless demagoguery and identity politics ridden paths to well,  absolutely nowhere. They are the best gatekeepers precisely because the gates they keep, go nowhere in spite of hoards trying to get through them.  Which is all the reason for not letting anyone in,  except of course those who don't know the difference between somewhere and nowhere, i.e. other gate keepers or gate keeper minions. 

How do we detect Idiot Sages?  Well,  they generally speak with a monotone matter of fact demeanour and while
deliberately excluding causation from their discourse, leave their audience to collectively determine it (causation). If any individual comes up with plausible causation, they immediately deny it unless of course they determine that it leads nowhere i.e. is wrong,  in which case they add it to their repertoire as another "interesting point of view".  Idiot Sages rarely display emotion, except when they are reassured that no one will expose their pointless meandering,  in which case they may display the kind of timid smirk not unsimilar to that a con artist would, upon confirming that their mark has irrevocably stepped into the scam. 

Unlike eastern sages and other mystics, who use puzzles to point at what cannot be uttered but can be experienced, Idiot Sages transform what can never be experienced into a puzzle that can be uttered.

Idiot Sages are valued on the basis of their popular following for which others, usually with lots of cash, are responsible,  which is why some Idiot Sages are also labelled "Useful Idiots".

A Tale of a Poisoned Elephant:

If an elephant swallows something that sickens whatever swallows it, one can pretend that the problem is the "sick elephant".  One can theorise and impress one's friends with one's ability to predict the elephant will get sicker and its fate is almost certainly sealed by certain demise. Then, when the dead elephant's remains wither away leaving only the sickening thing for something else to swallow, one's "career" as an "expert" of disease is resurrected anew. Wouldn't one become just as sickening as that lethal pathogen, literally poisoning/distracting others with complex, intriguing but ultimately useless verbiage? Wouldn't veiling oneself with the presumption of great esoteric worldly knowledge, serve to prevent people finding solutions? Wouldn't one become a facilitator of sorts for the pathogen?

What would one do if all that were true? Would one invent a "science" of the unresolvable that justifies one's failure by virtue of the vast (insolvable) complex nature of the problem being studied?  Yet, because so many suffer by the perennial nature of the problem, any (experimental) "solution" offered is grasped at like tickets for a lottery where the probability of success is not just low, but so low no one notices it is actually zero.  To kill by such pseudo sagacity is not just as lethal as war, it is far worse as it kills countless minds and souls in peace time and to preserve itself, it spreads itself systemically to render most all, its mindless instruments, offering compelling pretexts for droves to willingly marching off to war.

So, beware of pretending knowledge you don't have and burying yourself in prose you do not understand. A good symptom of being infected by this common ailment, is when you deny or refuse what is said, not because you know better, but because acknowledging it threatens to expose that you really don't know better.



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