Marc Gauvin is a 30-year veteran of the “new money” debate, he and associates have formalised the Passive BIBO Currency Standard based on Control Systems Engineering and Information Technology, to enable interoperability between otherwise disparate implementations of mutual-credit, while each maintain their autonomy and independence.

Raised in a diplomatic family and having passed his childhood in Argentina, Venezuela, Belgian Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Portugal, Greece, Morocco, China, Spain and Canada his country of birth, Marc has witnessed extreme poverty from a very young age, never obtaining adequate explanation until being introduced to the money problem in 1982 by his friend John Turmel.

That same year, Marc began running as a political candidate for interest free public banking but his campaigns quickly became a cause célèbre over his protests for equitable distribution of free non-partisan airtime. He was charged with a criminal offence, held in jail, released on bail, was acquitted but then appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada since the decision didn’t resolve the central issue of the equal treatment of candidates.

His appeal didn’t prosper and today, the rights of candidates in Canada have become even more inequitable. In 1992, Marc wrote “Protocols for Sane Economic Exchange” proposing the “share” a currency unit based on the measure of the average energy of a human hour. In 2009, he and Dr. Sergio Dominguez professor of Control Engineering, produced the seminal work “Formal Stability Analysis of Common Lending Practices”, leading to the “Stable Currency Unit Theorem” and the definitive logical separation of money from social power.

In 2011 Marc published “BIBOCURRENCY - The Science of Stability Applied to Money Systems”. Both are available online at Professionally, Marc has worked in IT and international business. He has published on interoperable digital content rights management and the need for a new currency to balance exchange between absolutely abundant content and brick and mortar value.

Since 2001 and on behalf of the Spanish Author’s community, Marc spearheaded the development of the creation and editing of the Media Value Chain Ontology (ISO/IEC 21000-19) an International Standard approved and published by ISO in 2010. Marc through his company NetPortedItems has developed the Digital Shadow Caster platform a tool kit for developing dynamic representations of Value Chains such as IPOS (Intellectual Property Operations System). He is also a musician, painter and holds a B.Sc. in integrated Sciences from Carleton University, Ottawa Canada. Now a Spanish citizen, Marc lives and works in Spain with his wife poetess Emilia García Serna and their two children Michel and Paula.


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