DNA a Standard Specification For Autonomy and Individuality

Model Currency Design and Implementation

By Marc Gauvin 

Copyright 08102013

Reproduction in full expressly granted provided attribution and original link is provided


Many resort to higher organism cell peer to peer interaction as a simile for potential social organisation of human society.   However, what too often is left out of the comparison is the key role of DNA. DNA is the specification of the whole organism through the specification of cells and the tools used to build and govern the cell. DNA is a single book of rules that defines the individual cell with autonomy to differentiate into a variety of types of tissue (blood, brain, liver, bone etc..),  yet the moment that a cell begins to operate on an individual variation of DNA, independent of the rest,  it ceases to be viable.

Therefore, it is evident that the only possibility of emulating such harmony, depends on each individual having full access to the same rule book as well as knowing exactly how to implement the rules on a local level in conjunction with the greater environment.   In less biological terms,  the system requires open standards that all constituent parts know how to implement, the moment that any individual decides to create their own rule book,  then either the individual or the whole is compromised.  Thus the trick to creating social organisation along such lines is having a book that the majority necessarily reads and can understand.

With regards to currency the current standard (DNA) is one that everyone obeys but that no one understands enough to implement autonomously and only 4 king cells make the decisions but only about how to distribute the pickings, this has led us to the near or soon collapse of human civilisation.  The reason no one understands the current standard is simply because it is unintelligible nonsense.  The 4 king cells know this and prepare for it while a few others,  form a decision "tissue" whose products are decisions for the rest of the "organism" because no one can make sense of the nonsense yet assume somehow it is necessary.

No change will come to our organism (society) until such time we are all operating autonomously with one rational standard currency just as cells of one body cannot operate with multiple versions of DNA.  Autonomy can be seen as everyone has the right to make up their own rules or it can be everyone has equal right to implement the same rule set.  Today and with regards to money we have phony rules that only a few get to implement while the majority are left without the requisite autonomy to act as required to even keep the organism alive.

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