Surrogate Reality Gone Amuck

By Marc Gauvin

Copyright (c) Sept. 18th 2013

Imagine a bunch creating an artificial rule set,  in which they can play out the most outlandish and extravagant scenarios of unimaginable surreal wealth, success and spiralling ruin that they can spin out of at the last moment because of their God like prowess.  They say that it is a good game because it sharpens everyone's wits and makes you more conscious of what you do, sort of like putting spikes on your dashboard to induce you to drive more carefully.  They convince everyone to play,  and for generations people assimilate these rules and allow themselves to be governed by them, even in the most intimate details of their lives. 


Then the fools realise that the world has adopted this surrogate reality almost irreversibly and that it ain't all that well tuned to reality and the laws of the Universe.  They got all the scientists working on everything they shouldn't and really never needed. They realise that their power only exists while people continue to confuse their game with nature and that is why they persist with it, meanwhile everything goes amuck with their surrogate reality. 

This is where we are now,  and the heart of it is the Money PSYOP, break out of the idiots game before it is too late,  the truth isn't complicated its the lie surrounding it that is.   Continue to respect the rules of ruin and you get ruin,  learn the truth and you can find true solutions.

BIBO Currency the simple truth about money that fools don't want you to know.

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