A Timely Solution to the Millenary Problem of Money’s Core Misrepresentation

(An urgent communique to all economic agents public and private, particularly all levels of government, public administration, public and private financial entities and institutions.)

V.03 FINAL Sept 22nd 2023 (rev. 10 Nov 2023)


As a matter of utmost urgency we call for the adoption of the MSTA Resolutions (Annex I), for which we summarise the salient facts and consequences as follows:

1) Money/currency unit symbols are not formally defined as required for any determinate application of any mathematical expression in terms of said units to any independent common reality.

Consequence: Financial system imperatives are at best indeterminate vis a vis any real world societal needs and to claim any scientific/rational imperatives of these is a serious and perilous error.

2) By conflating the concepts of measure and commodity without consideration of how and/or when these two concepts are mutually exclusive, the colloquially and commonly assumed informal notion of money being used in lieu of any requisite formal definition, constitutes a logical incongruence. Such inconsistency is referred to as money’s core misrepresentation (Annex II).

Consequence: Any process no matter how compelling that in any way incorporates what can be shown to be invalid, cannot itself be considered valid.

3) Given said misrepresentation has been assumed universally by rote in all manner of money contracts and agreements and according to formal systems theory and proven practice (Annexes III, IV), said misrepresentation can be shown to cause systemic instability by allowing incoherent relations whereby money is used as a unit of measure to determine its own unit value in terms of variable quantities of itself, wholly invalidating any pretence of it acting as a valid measure/record/reference of value.

Consequence: Pursuant to formal systems theory and proven practice, imperatives that arise from using said misrepresentation by rote and as a foundational axiom, will lead to destabilisation of all concomitant processes and real world systems that incorporate the imperatives arising from said misrepresentation.

Such instability incites all agents to adopt evermore extravagant and otherwise unconscionable strategies, measures and policies, exacerbating overall systemic instability and risk (Annex IV). Thus leading to increased risk of harm, suffering, deterioration of life support systems and unwarranted exhaustion of vital resources.

4) The MSTA Resolutions provide an immediate remedy to all the above not only without cost or penalty to anyone but eliminating the vast majority of current financial risk [3]. By framing the money system in terms of formal control and stability theory and adhering to proven requirements for system stability, monetary stability is shown to be attainable by correcting money’s misrepresentation, formally defining currency symbols as only arbitrary units of value measure and strictly operating on them accordingly (Annexes III).

Consequence: Adopting the MSTA resolutions offers an immediate avenue to monetary stability validating its use as a reference of value and without any cost or penalty to any agent yet eliminating vast amounts of risk to the whole economy (Annex III). By money no longer acting as an article of trade, thus freeing the real economy from perilous financial cost and otherwise arbitrary risk, competition in terms of quality over quantity will be enhanced, while enabling a greater and more flexible inclusion, diversity of production, made impossible under money’s misrepresentation.

5) Principles of legal validity such as Quae ab initio non valent, ex post facto convalescere non possunt (what is initially invalid cannot be made valid by subsequent acts) [1] must supresede all considerations in order to determine justice. (Annex V)

Consequence: Common practice can only serve as a source of law if and only if said practice is not shown to be invalid and/or to contravene fundamental principles of law (truth, logic, natural law) (Annex V). Thus, the use of money’s misrepresentation as a foundational premise cannot be validated by appealing to “common practice” no matter how long standing that practice might be.

6) By logic and as explicitly set out in Anglo/American law [2] misrepresentation carries three levels of liability:

    1. Innocent (didn't know) e.g. most lay people;
    2. Negligent (didn't know but it is my job to know) e.g. all economic and financial experts and;
    3. Fraudulent i.e. all those with a reckless disregard for the misrepresentation.

Consequence: All those alerted to the existence of any claim of misrepresentation and who do not act to determine the truth of such a claim, are acting recklessly and therefore become potentially liable for fraudulent misrepresentation and any subsequent civil and penal charges.


From the above, it follows that it is the responsibility of ALL agents public and private habitually operating under money’s misrepresentation, to attend to the formal claim and proof of said misrepresentation and to either provide proof (of commensurate rigour and detail) to the contrary, or act in good will to remedy it by calling for the adoption of the MSTA Resolutions or their logical equivalent. To do otherwise, is to be delinquent in one’s civil duty and to become liable for “reckless disregard” as outlined in point 6) above. With respect to public entities, given their mandates to represent, serve and protect their constituents and their legitimate interests, any such reckless disregard is most harmful.

We therefore call on all to respond appropriately and consequentially by alerting others to the contents by sharing the link to this document as widely as possible.

Download the urgent communique with the annexes and suggested (editable) cover letter text, and share with all your contacts and public representatives.

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[1] Black's law dictionary. HENRY CAMPBELL BLACK, M. A.. 1990.

[2] 2023 - Thomson Reuters Practical Law

[3] A WORLD AWASH IN MONEY Capital trends through 2020 Bain and Company. 2012 fig. 1.1. page 7.

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