Let's Cut All The Bullshit It Is Killing Us

By Marc Gauvin

Copyright © 4/5/2021
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What is more important "ecoside" or why it happens?

Do we make ecoside a crime and then do nothing about what causes it?

Do you have a simplistic view that what needs to be done is to restrain people's behaviour without understanding what motivates that behaviour?

Did you know that according to the systemics of our current absurd monetary imperatives the same problem continues even if no one makes "profits"?

Do the math, if you don't know how, now is the time to learn here is a full primer The Beast of Compounding (Latest Draft),  no more excuses for "not knowing".

If no one were to make any profits,  the same systemic imperatives to just break even,  still require unbounded growth!  "Control" as it is recklessly and negligently conceived in our current (erred) money paradigm necessarily produces compounding, as  the "cost" of that "control" is applied in the form of unit per unit fees and penalties, this then leads to systemic instability of the money system itself and subsequently to all related economic behaviour.  That in turn, in the eyes of our criminally negligent current economic "wisdom",  creates the "requirement" to "control" behaviour.  These "control" measures are thus justified through the abusive and repressive suspension of fundamental rights and freedoms as the "price" for our past collective (evil) excesses. But! Such faux control of problems through  money,  is a fool's or a psychopath's task because it isn't control but rather a means to fruitlessly punish in a vain perverse quest for retribution, as if that was in any way constructive or helpful which it simply isn't.

Is this part of YOUR plan?  Have really given it any thought, or were you planning to wing it?  If so,  think again as this so called "control" by money can be shown to be the very engine that systemically produces the very collective behaviour it attempts to offset hence the reference to fool or psychopath. That is,  in no uncertain terms, if we remove (correct) that "control" we will, in the most efficient, benign and rewarding terms,  accomplish the single greatest step towards full reform of human derelict behaviour, at no cost or penalty to anyone and yet to the greatest immediate benefit to all.

So,  if your moralistic approach to dealing with "ecoside" depends on mindlessly focusing on restraining people's behaviour, without first having given the least thought to our current illiterate false paradigm of money, then you are, wittingly or not, aiding and abetting a crime not only against the environment and humanity but against any sense of purpose and dignity.

Did you think that you were going to get on the "right side" of history by not having to question your immediate intuition? Ignoring that unless you free your mind and truly start thinking independently,  any intuition over a false paradigm,  is necessarily 100% ABSOLUTELY wrong.  Which is why you cannot just mindlessly follow your facile impulses to escape a false paradigm that has dominated your mind in most cases since birth.  But rather, you have to meticulously and rigorously logically analyse your (our) predicament,  using the kind of impeccable intellectual integrity that serves to support a minority position against the onslaught of a majority of group think nonsense. This, is what it really takes and if your not up to it,  then step out of the way as you are then part of the problem not any solution.

Are you ready to stand on your own?  Or are you measuring the wind with your finger, hoping to get in on the ground floor with the "right" group think without really understanding anything?

We identify the rivers of nonsense propaganda by noticing how they never focus on the cause of the behaviour they compel us to correct, all they do is reiterate "crisis" without ever providing any indication of what is the root cause and what exactly to do about it. Instead they count on people making the fallacy of assuming that knowledge is somehow measured by displaying "awareness" of how dire  things are  i.e. “those most aware of how bad things are must best know what to do”. But that is utter nonsense,  because no matter how eloquently one describes how dire a raging fire is,  yelling  "it must be dealt with!" louder,  in no way qualifies one to deal with the crises. It is simply an idiot's response, offering nothing useful and constructive and in fact,  such mindless whining and virtue signaling is at best a nuisance that ultimately adds to the problem.

Unfortunately, the worst among humanity are taking advantage of such "facile" and superficial mass response to "crises". They are using it as a lame excuse to "control" everything but themselves and their reckless indulgences.  Because while not having a clue of how to steer the bus,  they don't trust anyone or anything else in the driver’s seat, as their “success” has been wholly predicated on prevailing in today's money paradigm (a buss with no brakes) without noticing why and how that paradigm is false and is founded on the logically incoherent compulsion of conceiving money as both a measure of value AND a tradable commodity,  without noticing how these are mutually exclusive.

Thus their "success" is ultimately all for naught,  as being so over invested in their monetary prowess they are compelled at all cost to validate that system or relinquish any claim to any merit, privilege or prerogative that prowess of such an erred money system awards them,  a system that unequivocally can be shown to be a root cause of the crisis they now must somehow correct.

The good news is that anyone who understands the true abhorrent nature of our millennial erred notion of money and how it has perverted "civilisation" by misrepresenting recursive societal failure as the "price of our magnificent future progress and achievements" each reiteration inevitably bringing us closer and closer to a final abyss in spite of the many hints and warnings the best of mankind have  offered, lets hope not in vain.

Who are the current and past agents of such colossal mishap and failure, how do we readily identify them and how do they flock together to create the illusion of effective "communication" and "inclusion" to support their false claim to implied exclusive virtue? How do we know we aren't one of them or one of their unwitting groupies?

The test is actually very simple and straight forward, but takes courage on the part of each of us to face.   Think about it,  knowing that we are in dire trouble how do we respond when someone confronts us with a reasoned explanation as to why we are in such straits and what is required to correct our course,  when instead we are used to a barrage of prompts to virtue signal without any clear and transparent explanation beyond shouting “things are bad”, what is our response to being presented with such reasoned explanations?

1) Do we ignore them?

2) Are we afraid of reasoning objectively and where that might lead us away from our familiar and comfy group identities?

3) Do we insist on being vocal while presuming incompetence e.g. 'I am not smart enough to learn and understand such complex issues but I still feel compelled to add my voice to the "solution"'?

4) Or do we struggle to grapple with it until we are capable of truly understanding it proving it right or wrong, abiding by our honest meticulous rigorous efforts to reason before pronouncing ourselves. Knowing that the only contributions with integrity are those that expose themselves to independent objective falsifiability.  Because whether right or wrong, examining them advances knowledge and legitimate common causes and collective actions. Always keeping in mind that the biggest obstacle to meaningful benign progress is to seek facile and superficial inclusion over and beyond true knowledge and understanding that any real revolution begins with a collective of true leaders not followers, the latter only coming later when all the real work, risk and valor has already been spent.

Answer yes to 1) through 3) and you have identified the imposters and/or their little helpers, whose methodology enslaves us while enlightening no one. If you answered yes to 4) then you understand that while more demanding, truth and truthfulness is the key to our collective emancipation and those ready to serve truth not just use and abuse it,  are the only ones we can count on to make the difference we need, if ever things are to truly improve.


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