The ECB Trojan Horse

By Marc Gauvin

Copyright © 05/07/2015
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While people rejoice the 'NO' vote in Athens today,  the pundits continue to lose sight of the dark win for the European Central Bank (ECB) no matter the result.  That is the ECB, by guarantying the Greek Banks, holds the key to continued control over any deal not only for Greeks, but in all other troubled European states.  

Let's take the example of Spain,  where just a week ago,  the ECB had to step in to prevent a massive collapse due to Spanish exposure to the falling asset value of Greek public debt.  It is worth noting that Spain has over a trillion in public debt,  almost the exact same exposure per capita as that of Greek citizens and in order to keep the semblance of sovereignty alive, has secretly consumed 90% of its pensions in order to buy up its own public debt!  We have yet to see if last monday's ECB rescue resulted in the last 10% of the pensions being chattled too!

But back to the dark play of the Goldman Sachs run ECB,  where as long as the world continues to entertain the false paradigm of money = value,  states hanging from a fiscal thread remain beholden to the ECB, as movements in the asset value of the public debt of other states, tilts the delicate balance of exposures of states targeted by the Goldman Sachs' ECB, ready to concede whatever is required to continue with the pantomime that EU states enjoy any real autonomy at all.  

It is astounding to see how the romantic Greek showdown although vital as an example of social unity and defiance really amounts to little in terms of resolving the money problem.  We must not lose sight of the fact that whatever deal that seeks a reasonable outcome within the current false paradigm, by definition must also be false.  What is required is a full overhaul of the current false money paradigm that remains a fool's lifeboat and a divisive tool of coercion for the unscrupulous.  For first steps towards true change see:


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