The Truth,  Slavery and The Truth About Your Slavery

By Marc Gauvin (c) 26/3/2014

Reproduction expressly granted provided attribution and original link are given.

Proof truth exists: 

If two sets of things can persist independently of each another, then the truth of the existance of either is independent of each set.  It follows that only truth can be the prerequisite of the existence of any and all things since untrue things by definition cannot exist.   Therefore, there must exists an ultimate pre-existing truth that underlies all that exists, this we will call “Truth”.

Properties of Truth:

Truth is immaterial:
 Since all material things cannot exists absent Truth yet they can exist independently of each other,  then Truth must exist independently of material things.  Therefore Truth is immaterial.

Truth is eternal:
 If time truly exists and truth is prior to and independent of all that exists, then Truth is eternal or timeless.

All is of the Truth:  Without Truth nothing can be and all that is not “Truth”, does not exist.  Therefore, all that exists is of the Truth. 

Truth is omniscient:  All that can be known is Truth and all that is not Truth cannot be known.  Therefore the Truth is all knowing.

Truth is omnipresent:  All things and places (things that contain things) that exist, are of the Truth and instances of Truth. Therefore the Truth is omnipresent.  

Truth is all omnipotent:  Only what is Truth can be and what is not Truth will never be.  Therefore Truth is omnipotent.

Truth is all giving:  Since Truth is timeless and prior to all things and all things are of the Truth,  then all original manifestation is of the Truth and is interconnected by Truth.  Therefore Truth is all giving.

Truth is all forgiving:  Since the negation non Truth = Truth and all Truth is interconnected by Truth, then all non Truth can be negated by Truth.  Therefore the Truth is all forgiving.

Truth is all merciful:  Since solutions by definition must be true then all solutions are of the Truth.  Therefore the Truth is all merciful.

Truth is infallible and just:  Justice can only exist on the basis of Truth and never in its absence,  therefore all Truthful action is Just.  Thus, the validity/invalidity of human justice is determined solely on the basis of the Truth and nothing but the Truth.

What is Slavery?

Slave is defined as a person that is owned by another and bound by that other's will.  Are you a slave?  If so to what entity owns you. 



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