A Wake Up Call To Everyone Who Says They Care

By Marc Gauvin (c) 4/3/2014

Reproduction expressly granted provided attribution and original link are given.

 By the way,  slaves don't stop being slaves becauee they treat each other as equals.


In the above link we hear how yet another crypto-currency bites the dust.  Here at www.bibocurrency.com we anticipated it from the start see this article. In this regard, it is worth noting that the beauty of Passive BIBO Currency is that it is not "an implementation" of "an alternative currency" it is the true science of money as an information system. As such it can't be shut down or raided but the science behind it can certainly shut down the current system on the basis of pure logic. All it takes is for the true elite i.e. the 1-10 % of the population that can think for themselves without losing their integrity, to teach and lead the rest.

Many leading with alternative proposals are such people but many others are the pseudo revolutionaries who just want to keep the alternative currency movement from going mainstream. So how do we tell the difference? Well we found a way at Passive BIBO Currency to define stability of any money system or any other means of systematically recording value. For us no person is a judge the math and logic of control theory decides. So therein lies the litmus test, you can agree with the science, you can prove the science wrong with better science but you can't just say you don't agree.

Those who walk away telling people that Passive BIBO Currency as defined here is wrong, without providing the science to back up their talk, are winging it at all our expense and are not to be trusted.

So lets go for it, we can change the world we can cancel all money contracts because the practical and implied definition of money used, does not conform to either natural law nor any known system of decidable logic see this legal approach.

They can shut down and undermine a web service but they can't shut down science all they can do is reason with it and this time I bet they lose if they try.


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