Bamboozlers by Bamboozlement?

By Marc Gauvin (c) 2/3/2014

Reproduction expressly granted provided attribution and original link are given.

Nothing is more dangerous than a bamboozled bamboozler.


What is really sad about the pontificating economists using their now lost "credibility" to continue to make indispensable a false paradigm they implicitly invalidate but apparently without knowing it,  they are 30 years late in repeating like parrots what others said in public then and for which we were ridiculed and/or were simply ignored.  Now, to save their careers they come out repeating what they ignored before.  The problem is that they are still 30 years late, because the true science that they continue to ignore and that now is being applied to money,  has moved on from such memes as "banks create money out of thin air" or  "debt can't be ignored", duh we know all that,  we are the ones who told them, but now that the masses are screaming these memes at them, they come out trying to sell old news as their new breaking insights!  

We knew at the turn of a couple millennia ago if not more,  that interest is mathematically a headache with lots of collateral damage.   We knew that there were fundamental logical issues with the institution of money for centuries, history is riddled with battles between the money bio-robots and the rest of mankind.  So,  the writing has been on the wall for thousands of years. 

But during the last century,  formal dynamic systems theory as applied to control theory has flourished successfully in almost every field of science, yet these faux pundits have managed to miss it entirely and continue to insist in framing the money issue in the same false nonsense paradigm of "money is an object of negotiable value AND a unit of measure". It is like insisting on building buses out of ice and then inventing a pseudo science based on ignoring that ice melts and trying to sell the merits of such a chimera on the basis of the intellectual challenge it represents.  On that basis people working on the mechanics of melting engines should get to hog the nobel prize for centuries.  30 years ago they were told that the bus was going to melt and now they are telling us that the bus is melting, as if that was a product of their own brain storming.  Now and as others continue to do their job,  we realise that the problem is not how to design melting buses but it is the very idea of designing melting buses that is wrong and we can't wait 30 more years for them to hum and haw and sort of agree!

Again like before, they continue to ignore the logic,  why?  Because if they did otherwise,  their melting bus science budgets would vanish and these guys are not going to admit to the world that information science, mathematics and control engineering make their little pet pseudo science irrelevant.  No of course not,  these guys have to pretend they are indispensable, how else are they going to live their cushy lives, shoulder rubbing with successful money bio-robots and putting their earnest and matter of fact  expressions in our faces as they spiel snippets of other peoples' ideas translated into their bogus paradigm with zero added value.

I challenge any of these faux pundits to explain how money can logically be BOTH a unit of measure of value AND a scarce resource/commodity of variable/negotiable value.!!!!  Or to explain with math how money systems are not Discrete Linear Time Invariant systems and therefore not subject to standard BIBO stability. Of course their usual pontificating of off the top pseudo "pundit" opinions won't do, we need real definitions in formal objective decidable logic e.g. at the level of defining money itself and its exact logical role in transactions, absent all of the cheap false allegories that allude to physical properties that money, an exclusively and purely logic entity,  simply doesn't and will never have.  Data are not things only the intellectually retarded would try to foist that on an unsuspecting humanity.

Don't know what I am talking about?  How convenient.  Think the summer home and barbecues will be just as much fun as always,  when the US and Russia start a war over the Ukraine, Syria, or with the Chinese now that Japan has accepted US nuclear warheads on its soil?  Those war's that are creeping up on us are not a rational conspiracy to take over the world, they are the final conclusion of centuries of enshrined sophists incrementally rationalising "The Money PSYOP",  never in the history of mankind has any profession been so false and so subverted at the same time, while the human tragedy has swollen they have toiled only to justify what should have been debunked by due diligence, because they were lost in a dreamy cocktail-land where the criminally negligent pseudo "intelligentsia" spout their banal and shallow opinions while the rest of humanity toils doing real work, from feeding them, building their homes, toys and apparel, entertaining them and serving them in countless ways, right up to burying them at the end of their comfy and shallow meaningless existences.  

In all the other sciences it has been the very unequivocal and logical consistency of definitions that have made them objective. Only with this pseudo scientific creed, as it cannot be called otherwise, they have sat on the side lines pontificating nonsense and perpetrating their false science on young and old alike while their unfounded opinions become the tool of a gullible judiciary to be implemented as legitimate for justifying the exacting of an assumed-to-be "objective" justice.  The consequences of imposing as science that which has no rational or objective foundation whatsoever, are nothing less than the demeaning, marginalisation and fleecing of all until their hides bleed, simply outright genocide.  This, in the service of a short sighted clique of nincompoop political class, that on the one hand want the privilege of taking on gargantuan tasks they have no clue of how to accomplish and on the other hand,  demanding handsome compensation up front just in case they fail in their self appointed chimeras.  In the process, they ruin billions of lives stealing everyone's time and creating a fictitious and false paradigm that only serves to divide and incrementally drive us all to higher and higher levels of conflict, because just like the pundits that are the target of this essay, they don't have the balls to say: 

"Halt the foreclosures, stop the suffocation of individuals and their communities, we don't and never knew what we are/were talking about,  we have at best been unwittingly co-opted into a false paradigm that is neither rational nor objective and we can no longer continue to be the pawns of an irrational paradigm that only creates confusion and conflict and fails under the most fundamental axioms of true science and that makes betrayal of you, those who have confided in us,  an imperative for survival.   No matter how much those who have on the short term benefited from the general chaos,  too much is at stake and this must stop now, we won't be party to unproven pseudo scientific nonsense. You,  the judiciary are now warned that without an unequivocally fully logically consistent and objective definition of what is called "money" you are unqualified to rule on any money contract and therefore and until such time as unequivocal definitions are forthcoming,  to judge on any money matter is a betrayal of any notion of justice as your supposed objective independence, cannot be documented to permit any rational evaluation of such matters you are called upon to preside over".  

So, there you have it, sorry for being harsh but people are being destroyed as the "experts" stutter over what should have been self evident long ago, had they done their jobs with a minimum of due diligence and as of yet, still haven't come close to following the evidence to its unabashed full conclusion,  namely that the institution of money has no legitimate  foundation to have any decidability over humanity and if it were made rational, it would have the importance and protagonism as do meters,  kilos and other units of measure, no big deal no grand authorities, no expensive "experts" of false sciences.  

Now this is for everyone's sake if these false profits were to admit so much they would be true heroes, as it stands they continue on the path of oportunistic false sages that devulge the devluged right when it no longer matters,  kibitzing those on the right track from their comfy luxury car of officialdom on the wrong track and leading humanity astray as they the bamboozled bamboozle us all.

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