Millions of Anonymous Whistle Blowers Or Just a Few Famous Dead Ones?

By Marc Gauvin

Copyright © 9/10/2014

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Interesting to realise how we are all vulnerable because individual personalities might be censored, corrupted or even worse snuffed out.   But notice how we are all so willingly censored when a nobody shares truth that we can, if we took the time,  figure out for ourselves but instead we say stupidities like: "Even if that were true 'THEY' are not going to let us get away with that!"  Notice the "Even if that were true..." the whole point being to take the time to know if something is or isn't true,  we can know much more than we do, why don't we then?  We are mostly anonymous so "we" in this case cannot be censored "we" can only be mislead but not silenced.

Today we can know so much more stuff "for sure" on our own than ever before,  that we should be removing the pressure on these few whistle blowers by simply supporting en mass the truths WE CAN BE SURE OF.  Instead it seems,  we watch how a few others suffer tragic consequences for saying spectacular things that we CAN'T KNOW FOR SURE, I mean when someone talks about an interpretation of what happened we may be lead to believe fallacies like since so and so is speaking against "you know who" at his dire peril, the he must be saying the truth.   But that is a far cry from believing something conclusive like the system is ruining your present and the future looks worse everyday not better, which is conclusively true on all counts.  But that is pretty useless if we don't understand the underlying mechanisms.  So, can we know anything conclusive about those mechanisms?  Well yes we can, if of course we are willing to take the time.

So, my point is why don't we just focus on what we can know and be faithful to that along side everyone else capable of doing the same.   If we are alone with the truth we are no one's threat if we are few with the truth the liars don't want to give us air time so they leave us alone but if we are millions with the truth NOTHING CAN BE DONE TO STOP IT!!!

So really, the best strategy is to leave out all the demagoguery, the inconclusive political and social theories and instead focus on simple demonstrable facts.    One demonstrable fact that no one has yet published a formal counter proof of,  is the FACT that the very definition of money that is assumed by everyone is utter nonsense.  As such and according to the universally accepted principle of contract law that states:  "Invalid things cannot be made valid by subsequent acts" then it follows directly that a nonsense definition of money cannot be validated by us all believing it isn't nonsense after the fact,  and if it is nonsense then the contracts themselves cannot be valid either.  If the money contracts are not valid then there is no "financial" crisis and without a financial crisis we are all pretty much freed up to solve real problems mounting day by day.

So take the time today to read this short piece and for more info on the current money fallacy see this document.   And don't forget to read the book in the link below.

Break out of  "The Money PSYOP" and give your kids

a future they can be proud of you for.


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