Polar Bear Egg Farmers

By Marc Gauvin

Copyright ©12/5/2014

Reproduction expressly granted provided  attribution is given and original link is provided.

This is a story of a troubled world under siege by polar bear egg farmers and their nefarious world polar bear egg accounting system.  It is a world where everyone is convinced that their lives will be ruined if their polar bear egg counts go to zero.  The world is in constant strife between those on the left that want specialists to run the polar egg accounting in the name of those that operate in the name of the people and then those on the right that want the accounting to be run by specialists in the name of the account holders directly.

Somehow the polar bear farmers end up owing massive amounts of polar bear egg numbers, since the world can't fathom a world without them, they get the government to tax all polar bear egg numbers and bail them out, when that doesn't work they get the government to "raid" the people's accounts directly and give them the proceeds.  The polar bear farmers and their friends now have their accounts brimming with polar bear egg numbers once again,  but everyone else is broke and given the recent scare it is going to be a long while before any increases in polar bear egg numbers for the people.   

People scream bloody murder! Conspiracy!  Treason!  Some say the government should regulate the polar bear egg accounting others that it should be publicly owned entirely.   Others that there are better ways to run polar bear egg accounting and that each community can have their own.  Countless books are written about the evil history of polar bear egg farming and accounting. New faculties across the globe are opened up with experts on polar bear egg number circulation and control.  The world is in a frenzy,  wars are fought,  monuments built and all sorts of vice based industries spring up everywhere as people will do anything for some polar bear egg numbers.   Meanwhile,  a growing malaise takes over the world as people become more and more obsessed with setting up schemes to get more of those polar bear egg numbers, so they neglect their families, communities and the environment.

Then one day, a little Dutch boy makes a simple observation and exclaims in public: "Uhhm, you can't farm polar bears and polar bears don't lay eggs!"  The world stops! The polar bear egg industry looks at the government, the government looks at the ground and the people gaze at both of them, what the f&%///ck!

For those that are not up to shooting the little Dutch boy ;-). Support www.moneytransparency.com we are the only ones for now, that are not just saying but proving that the current paradigm has no legitimate foundation in either natural law (facts) or any consistent logic to support any coercive measures in the matter of any money contracts based on the current false notion that money is a resource subject to being lent, sold and rented at negotiable commercial value. Least of all while money is defined as a measure of value in those same contracts.

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