Our Age Of Intellectualoidism & Dogmegagoguery

vs  Logic and Reason

Nothing is more dangerous than dogmatic, demagoguery dealing intellectualoids with initiative,  bankrolled to keep the liars talking, the truth seekers silenced the rest confused and stigmatised.

By Marc Gauvin

Copyright © 5/11/2014

Reproduction expressly granted provided attribution is given and original link is provided.

I would say that the biggest problem in the world today, are the often well placed, authority abusing, sometimes charismatic and fast talking dogmegagogues, whose whole existence revolves around a stack of references of inconclusive prose dressed up with some graphs and tables, that in turn are founded each on similar such stacks.   They make it a prerequisite for others to even be considered,  that they claim to have read these open ended dissertations and to have drawn concrete conclusions.  This is a great way to get honest brokers out in the open and discredit them because the honest will admit to not having read such prose and then, are promptly disqualified for not having the requisite credentials so to speak.   As for the those who claim being so versed, well and because such massive amounts of information can hardly be conclusive,  whatever they say can always be debated and therein lies the point, which is to generate debates where appeal to authority and circumstance often implicit is the only validity bar.  The purpose of all this, is to showcase one's apparent 'knowledge' on sheer quantity with no effective assessment of conclusive quality other than assumptions of authority, reputation etc.,  but with the purpose of developing  browbeating cliques that use all manner of tactics to demean others via group dynamics.   This has been the modus operandi of most elites where they use their power and influence to create bias in their favour irrespective of true merit and logic.   Even more serious are the recent admissions that states actually pay legions to troll and using very sophisticated tactics to destroy rational discourse,  we all need to be on our guard. 

One of the tactics evident in another terrible legacy that has been inculcated in our brainwashed society, is the absurd belief that there is no absolute truth which is a contradiction in itself.   Do you see why the statement can't be absolutely true?  But my point is more along the lines of the absurd idea that people get to choose what is true for them, of course all have the right to choose to conclude what they want,  but it is not they that decide what is true and what isn't,  but rather for that, we are all beholden to objective logic and reason.  Not because of dogma but because it is the only proven, universal and commonly accessible means of determining truth objectively, that does not belong to anyone in particular. 

Enter true science and engineering.  Here,  people are not pointed to inconclusive stacks of prose but rather much shorter information filled equations that prove observable phenomenon all around us,  AS well as the viable relations between these.  The idea here,  is that no matter the amount of referenced prose you have in your head or that you point to,  if all that leads you to make certain statements either you or your illustrious references are in error AND NO ONE NEEDS TO READ anything other than say c2= a2+b2 to prove that.  

Now,  this is not to say that inconclusive reflection is not valuable as a creative process or simply to give free reign to intuition which can be very useful, productive, entertaining and even lay the foundations for plausible avenues towards discovering new exiting conclusive knowledge.  What I am opposing,  is the surreptitious and disingenuous use of mountains of such musings used to bully, label and marginalise and to distinguish people according to what ultimately amounts to  insinuated if not explicit,  appeals to authority and circumstance.

This now popular acceptance that demagoguery and other irrational tools trump logic and reason is very troubling, one of the most common examples are the invocation of voting over scientific issues when science is not a democracy but rather it is a dictatorship of formal logic and/or independently observable and measurable empirical phenomena. This singular idea,  has done more damage to true science and advancement of scientific understanding and trust than the majority of its unconscious advocates realise and the conscious ones are simply psychopaths motivated by profit at any price.

So, just imagine how a valid intellectual tradition can be completely undermined by bankrolling tribes of these knowledge usurpers and elevating their social status with prizes, privilege, money etc., and you can see how, in the eyes of the sheeple,  fools can be made to look like sages and sages like fools.  Now, imagine how these tribes of intellectualoids each foment alarm and concern about everything and anything at will, such that key issues, if not completely suppressed are diluted in importance for being arbitrarily placed in position x of queue x in bag x.  

We are of course,  all free to dig these buried items up,  as long as we, according to this type of social pseudo scientific, realise that "there is lots of more important stuff to talk about" and if you don't agree someone has a stack of prose for you to read, or let's take a vote the hell with dealing with arguments so "keep your mouth shut"!  And if your are nice to some and obedient in a wink wink nudge nudge sort of way,  they will be happy for you to join their clique and smile as they mention you in their self aggrandising speeches, otherwise pray that they don't even glance at you let alone mention your name lest your career be destroyed by hearsay. 

That my friends, is what all truth seekers are up against and if there is anything we need today, it is more CONCLUSIVE truth because crises are not moments for inconclusiveness,  either we already have the science we need,  or all may very well be too little too late or just a bad vote.  

That is why I propose that we try to learn and make productive use of the existing body of proven, valid, highly relevant and ubiquitous science and other conclusive knowledge,  to make these tribes of intellectualoids shiver with the prospect of having to answer real knowledge from people that understand their obtuse musings for what they are, no matter what authority, reputation or circumstances they may appeal to.  We are not required to know anything but we are required to prove whatever we assert to be true, resorting to group dynamics even as a seemingly "necessary evil" is the true poison that divides us and retards our collective resolve.

Break out of  "The Money PSYOP" and give your kids

a future they can be proud of you for.

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