Madness Only Begets More Madness


By Marc Gauvin

Copyright © 2/11/2014

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Jim Rickard's prognosis is concieved in the same madness it seeks to address, hence it is just more madness no matter how 'reasonable' in that mad paradigm.  When will these so called experts accept that you cannot address the consequences of a lie in terms of the lie?  First we must adopt a rational frame of reference then address the madness in those fresh and more coherent terms.

Wisdom is recognising our ignorance and ignorance is not recognising the little we can truly know.   

This video in which Jim Rickards explains the current extent of the crisis and his proposed 'remedies',  has value if and only if you are willing to swallow the current false paradigm hook line and sinker.  But once you realise that that paradigm is absolute nonsense, then it is nothing more than a psychological mirage within a bigger one.  This conclusion is a direct result of the following fundamental principle underlying all contract law: 

“Quae ab initio non valent, ex post facto convalescere non possunt.”

(invalid things do not become valid by subsequent acts)

In layman terms this simply says bullshit begets bullshit.  Hence, Jim Rickard's whole doomsday prognosis is founded on the current fallacy of finance (as we know it), ever having made any sense in the first place. Which forces us to conclude that the only valid reality we need to deal with is that of balances in trade of REAL goods and services, all the rest is superfluous nonsense. And no matter how skewed that balance is,  it is entirely possible to amend over time particularly in the context of the value of the vast amount of know how transfer possible between the glutonous developed nations and the over exploited resource based nations.

This is the only rational way of dealing with the problem, but such a sane resolution to the current insane smoke screen, requires first and foremost a sane, stable and mutually objective value measure function expressed in an open standard in formal scientific terms. Unfortunately for most economists, financiers and economic philosophers/commentators,  their so called "expertise" is worthless in this regard, proven by the fact that within their respective disciplines, the prospect of such a stable measure has escaped them and instead they have insisted on framing their discourse in the current incoherent jargon, on the basis of flimsy fallacies of appeal to circumstance (we have been doing this for centuries), authority (we are experts in the well established flying pig dynamics) or the old "listen to me because you obviously don't know". All of which is to give credence to the notion that our history of economics is relevant when it simply isn't and the reason is crystal clear,  simple and exemplified by just considering that no matter how long a wrong belief is sustained, that fact does not impart any validity to any conclusions drawn from such beliefs let alone any logical structures erected around them.

Economics, monetary and finance theory as we are conditioned to assume to be valid,  is in reality a mere confidence game that has become popularised like some sleazy protection racket and thus utterly irrelevant to any reality that matters simply BECAUSE IT IS ENTIRELY FALSE.  Not by opinion but by provable logic and FACTS.  It is nothing more than a terrible legacy of manipulation and falsification in the great make believe tradition of getting something for nothing.  It is the answer to an imbecile problem statement,  conveniently never revisited so as to keep the façade of legitimacy alive.   If we don't transcend this over elaborated idiocy and realise what Galbraith warned us of (quote below), we will suffer or perish for not, and just as Jim Rickards describes.  

"Do not be alarmed by simplification, complexity is often a device for claiming sophistication, or for evading simple truths."  John Kenneth Galbraith:  The Age of Uncertainty (1977), BBC Television series (also published in book form, non verbatim version)
We will soon find out who the bullshitters are that is for sure, in fact they are being found out already, we can only hope we do so while we still have a worthwhile future.   All those who think they can choose what to believe about such conclusive matters will be implicated in creating any 'no return' scenario that we may all very well have to face.  The truth about what money is and does is 100% a trivial science that has been made seemingly inconclusive by the unfounded conflation of its design as a simple logical tool with the complexity of the inumerable associated problem statements of the economy in which its simple function can be useful. Thus money has been rendered a mystery to the false sages,  that in spite of the rest of the world's traditional lethargy in these matters,  the world is finally catching up to.   

Who risks being stigmatised when for better or for worse all comes out in the wash?  Well all those pseudo experts that bet on crowd dynamics,  supplanting validity with charisma,  masking simplicity with gratuitous irrational complexity,  disguising inadequate musings with exclusive false air's of legitimacy, invoicing their otherwise inane and useless services at privileged rates and never having the courage to stand up for truth.  There in lies the true bottom line, so beware of opinion pushers and don't buy anything because you like the way it sounds even though you don't quite understand it.   It is everyone's obligation to know and/or find out before committing to accept OR reject anything and to no accept being bullied into making precipitated decisions about what you don't know.   If you don't know something don't assume Mr. Credential's does because as has been made evident recently, in all departments of officialdom, many of the so called 'experts' don't have a clue either,  they are just very good at letting others know that the 1% they might know is 100 times greater than the 0.01% others might not know.

So wake up and smell the coffee,  lets not shoot ourselves in the foot by ignoring what we can conclude in order to get lost forever in what we can't conclude, we may not survive either way, but for the love of God it would be a shame not to have won the lottery we desperately needed to,  just because it didn't dawn on us to buy a ticket!

Wisdom is recognising our ignorance and ignorance is not recognising the little we truly can know. 



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