True Wishes for 2014

By Marc Gauvin (c) 31/12/2013

Reproduction expressly granted provided attribution and original link are given.


In June 2005, I wrote a piece for the ASPO newsletter in which I began with this vision of a promising future:

"The world promises to be connected in a network whereby each node (individual) becomes the cause of the whole fabric. Like a knitted sweater where every stitch represents the health of the whole fabric, concentration in maintaining each node will become the mainstay of the new paradigm.”

In the article, I was trying to say once again that it is our relationship with money that is driving us to insanely consume what we don´t really need hence madly consuming oil in spite of imminent Peak Oil.  It was about identifying what we really need and extending our energy resources,  while still caring for one another and living worthwhile lives.  Our needs haven't changed and the main obstacle remains the same, our relationship with money because of its irrational design and all the insane propositions it brings into our lives that fuel insatiable artificial "needs" for the superfluous while denying or having us risk the essentials.

We don't need growth,  we need healthy lifestyles and freedom to enjoy them.  We don't need to compete,  we need healthy and trusting communities where we feel included.  We don't need entertainment we need to celebrate, learn and grow.  We don't need to fight to survive, we need to thrive!

To thrive, we don't need much, but we do need quality. We need quality food and water, a full abundant array of micro and macro nutrients.  We need smart low maintenance housing well situated for efficient energy use. We need durable and useful clothing and foot wear.  We need to share costs for common results, safe intelligent public transport and we need time lots of time.

Imagine a world where you never thirst for water or healthy drinks, you have a rich healthy and diverse diet,  most of which comes from nearby where you can visit and learn how it is grown and produced,  fruits, vegetables,  spices and preserves,  meat,  fish and a large number of artisan products designed for enjoyment and nutrition.   You sleep in a very comfortable shelter,  made to last or is fully recyclable,  requires minimum maintenance and makes optimal use of passive energy and day light.  Your community is well kept and safe no one has locks.  Technology only reduces need never does it create it.

Now, imagine all that but with time, no one is in a rush and no one competes with anyone else but themselves and only because it is rewarding on its own, society has room for the slowest and the fastest, the deepest and the shallowest.  Time for the biggest events and the smallest details, time to master oneself, to share, belong, to nurture and be nurtured.  Time to listen to our breath, feel our heart beat, the breeze across our face. Time to learn to doctor ourselves, no more expert secrets, no more authorities, just sharing of knowledge, every display of skill a lesson and all learning a display of skill. This and all it implies, is what I believe is what we really need and what constitutes true wealth, what about you?  It is not scarce but abundant, potentially available to all. So why don't we, both rich and poor,  have it?  Because of our relationship with money. 

The good news is that the current money paradigm is proven to be false on all levels, scientifically, logically, philosophically and morally, the bad news is few understand why and how we can all benefit from knowing why.  We continue to suffer from a legacy of lethargy,  instilled in us by our monetary hypnosis and all the false goals it spawns in our lives, competition, dominance, power, fear, rath and revenge.  Too many believe that denying the current system is a solution, but that is only the first step,  we can't afford to jump out of the frying pan just to fall into the fire!  Understanding the money riddle is not complex it is subtle, deep contemplation of simple ideas is what is required and most everyone is capable of this.

So if you make any new year's resolution,  let it be to liberate your mind from The Money PSYOP,  and help others to do the same.  Truth supports itself,  lies require effort.  The truth is not an obstacle it is your most powerful tool, truth is the source of all that is good and wholesome, truth is invaluable and demands little to reside.  But when truth has given you all that it can,  you will give your life for it if need be, because you will know how a world absent of truth,  is a dark dangerous abyss of misery, gratuitous suffering and false compensations, it is where we are now and only truthfulness will get us out.

So,  take the time you need to know the truth about how the current money paradigm is robbing you of just that, time, time to be, to care, to thrive and to build a world that promises to be connected in a network whereby each node (you) becomes the cause of the whole fabric. Like a knitted sweater where every stitch represents the health of the whole fabric, where concentration in maintaining each of us will become the mainstay of our new paradigm.

Best wishes for 2014 and all the time you may need!

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