All Saints in Hell


All Saints in Hell

By Marc Gauvin

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"...most think they have choices they don't have, can decide what they don't know and the path to heaven is heaven itself."

Essentially, if the world were made up of saints that for whatever reason unwittingly embraced our current misrepresentation of money as an immutable fact and thus assumed in a spirit of honesty its subsequent logical imperatives as equally inevitable, the systemic effect of such collective adherence would produce the same insane and unconscionable levels of inequity we witness today. Each saint being attributed responsibility in terms of their circumstance rather than their deeper saintly nature. Those seeking equity, justice, fairness, compassion and integrity in themselves and others oblivious of how such behaviour is precluded by such systemics, would become tyrannical in their quest or abandon all hope.

The key to undoing the vast compounding calamity we are witnessing in the world, believe it or not, lies in correcting that single most ubiquitous and influential proposition that all are conditioned to incorporate in their lives as an immutable fact, known to all as simply "money" as currently misrepresented.

The beauty of this, is that doing so (correcting money's misrepresentation), under no circumstances can be misconstrued as harmful to anyone in any way, nor can it empower anyone or any group over the rest. It simply means greater transparency and massive reduction of risks and liabilities across the board for both rich and poor.   Empowering all causes that none would deny, yet are never served, precisely because of our current financial prerogatives under the yoke of money's misrepresentation alone and not due to any other human or material limits or constraints.

The knowledge of money's misrepresentation and the prospect of correcting it, is not a fantastical wishful dream, it is a hard hitting factual disruption of a nightmare,  that can only engender a deep sense of relief once one is fully awakened to it,  as it is a cause to enable all causes.  Meanwhile,  most think they have choices they don't have, can decide what they don't know and the path to heaven is heaven itself.





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