Starbucks in a Mutual Credit World

Starbucks in a Passive Mutual Credit World

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By Marc Gauvin

Copyright © 02/2015
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The argument put forth by those who propose "soundness" of money in terms of money being an object of supreme value as the principle economic motivation, is that if a firm such as Starbucks were to "just create the credit it needed to pay its suppliers, it is obvious how unsound that would be".

We can understand such a statement from those who have been conditioned to confuse payment with receiving money, but money is not payment but rather goods and services are, money only records the value of these.  We don't need money as an interim value we need money as a stable measure of value

Thus,  that Starbucks would freely record its debt to the tune of the value of what is supplied to it,  is not only not "unsound" it makes a world of sense.   Would anyone propose that they don't record the agreed value of their supplies?  Since Starbucks will only receive goods and services that ostensibly are specific to producing the products it serves its consumers, why would recording such value deter them from doing just that and to the best of their ability? 

Furthermore, with 'money' in such a passive mutual credit world not being conceived as a scarce commodity, not considered value in and of itself and therefore having no so called 'financial charges', why wouldn't they price their products according to their real costs in the context of competing with competitors to provide the best value/cost ratio for what they are expert professionals at? 

"Ah what would be their incentive if not money?" Therein lies the crux of the value and importance of breaking out of the Money PSYOP where money is confused and conflated with the values it can only represent but never substitute.

In a world of mutual credit absent the current irrational definition of money, Starbucks wouldn't exist as it does today, it would be a different beast of a much broader scope,  whose function would be identifying the best most healthy and tastiest coffee/tea and ways to combine them for a myriad of aesthetic and dietetic ends etc. 

Furthermore,  all its workers would be getting a rich education towards becoming experts in
the science, history, traditions and nutrition of these products and services,  providing and conveying profound updated understanding and guarantees about the best agricultural practices associated with providing all the different types of coffees and teas and associated compliments, maintenance of social hotspots etc.  Working in starbucks would be a dream.

Because working in Starbucks would be such a joy and even a passion full of unlimited personal growth and development potential,  in which everyone involved would be both supported with all their needs,  they would need ZERO incentive from the notion of money as value. Instead, they would require 'money' ONLY as a stable measure of the relative appreciation of consumers as an aid to gauging acceptance and comparing with other such similar organisations, probably now collaborators and knowledge sharers.  Only because no one wants nor needs to insist on providing what is not fully appreciated.

Such a vision is next to impossible for those presently conditioned by current notion of money = value, the foundation of the most embarrassing false myths in human history, where money serves the insane proposition that one life can be considered more valuable than that of billions of other fellow humans,  and only under this insane fallacy can serve as an "incentive to produce".  But we can see what that produces,  look around, wake up and smell the coffee. ;-)


Break out of  "The Money PSYOP" and give your kids

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