The Perils of  Disproportionate Loveless


By Marc Gauvin (c) 30/3/2014

Reproduction expressly granted provided attribution and original link are given.

This video, seems quite ominous and very much to the point, maybe it is time to wake up! Do you really want to stop the course of events or are you limited to compulsively venting your frustration? Is your ego caught up in the group think of one of the many empty socio-political identities and meme driven "movements", preventing you from more genuine, intelligent and conclusive response to all that is happening? Are you content with defending what endows you with only the assumption of wisdom and knowledge but never challenging you to unequivocally prove anything to yourself or anyone?.  Or, are you ready to follow the truth where ever it leads you, no matter what?

Before you answer such questions, it is worth contemplating the notion of disproportionate commitment, how and when we feel that we need to "give our all" for an uncertain return.  We can understand such commitment with things we love unconditionally like achieving mastery and excellence in our chosen vocations or defending our and our loved ones' lives.  But what about when disproportionate commitment arises as a hidden consequence of a loveless arbitrary relationship? Such is the case with the current notion of money that through mere custom has now become an unwritten law of the land, unwritten so it is difficult to formally oppose, yet nonetheless woven into almost all aspects of private and public life such that we are conditioned to treat it like a vital necessity, almost on par with air, water and food.  Now, it appears that such an arbitrary paradigm is strangling the world, as if our bodies had mutated to require this fictitious substance, an addiction to a conceptual vitamin without which our bodies repel food, water and shelter and are driven to endless and mindless toil.

How can we deliver ourselves from such a wicked predicament when almost all of us have somehow unwittingly committed to this false paradigm on such absolute terms?  How do we garner the power within it, to deliver us from it,  when it so insidiously garners our disproportionate commitment both in nominally measurable terms as well as in innumerable unmeasurable ways, that most of us are unconscious of?

Thus is the nature of the current money paradigm, and no one escapes, in fact the most afflicted are the rich, as they have fallen furthest into the abyss of unconditional loveless commitment,  as each effort to attain greater power just further commits them in greater and more subtle and ensnaring ways.  Because at the onset and in spite of commitment being absolute, there is no guaranty of return, such that before one realises, any success has cost the best part of one's life.  Sadly, as one gets older the greater one's success within the paradigm the lesser one's net virtue tends to be outside of it, energy and time to amend decreases and the prospect of acknowledging the truth of it all can seem devastatingly unbearable.

Thus, it is by accepting such arbitrary requirements as if they were dictated by natural law or some assumed infallible logic, that leads us into such a loveless relationship as we have with the current money paradigm, where it has become our master and we its servant, where the more powerful we become within it the more commitment to it it exacts from us and hence the more we become a slave to it.  The irony of it all, is that we are all slaves to this wicked paradigm not to one another,  that is it is by both rich an poor adhering to it that all are degraded, the rich obtain at best senseless luxury that the poor are condemned to supply but both ultimately are denied living out their true nature.  No matter how evil we try to depict each other within the context of this paradigm,  ultimately we are defined by it.

What then can we do to break this terrible legacy of disproportionate loveless commitment?  How do we muster the energy to confront this beast without becoming a beast ourselves?  Where can we find opposite disproportion in our favour to level the playing field?  How do we halt the progression of events dictated by it and recoup our full dignity, integrity and autonomy? How do we learn to forgive ourselves or those that have subjugated us within it?  How do we make those that are not yet aware conscious, while assuring them that they have all to gain and little to lose? 

In this regard,  the Passive BIBO Currency proposal offers the following:

  1. It places money squarely in the context of objective, highly relevant science thus placing objective independently assessable truth as the ultimate judge and jury rather than speculative subjective and political criteria.
  2. It provides unequivocal proof of the inherently irrational and arbitrary nature of the current money paradigm.
  3. It provides unprecedented unequivocal rational and/or natural law foundation to expose the current money paradigm's false definitions and false functions, thus rendering all contracts based on these unenforceable by virtue of fundamental principles of contract law.

From the above, it becomes clear that humanity is afflicted by a massive illusion that I call "The Money PSYOP" it is a fiction that falsely presents its principle artifact "money" as an circulating economic resource of vital necessity, without which society is doomed to decay into chaos and the mayhem of unbridled barbarism.  However and considering that natural law does not determine or sustain this artifice,  then the only possible legitimate foundation for money must be its unequivocal logically consistent definition and subsequent implementation.  Otherwise it has no legitimate basis in law.  

Thus and since the laws of formal logic, mathematics and science are universally known to be true and objective and money is not natural law,  then it only stands to reason that the first step is to fully document the exact and complete logical nature and function of money.  Given that money is a purely logical entity, then if there exists just one logical inconsistency in definition and/or subsequent implementation of the current definition of money,  the whole paradigm and hence all money contracts that assume such definitions as premises cannot be legally upheld in any legitimate court of justice nor can public resources be legitimately employed to enforce any compliance whatsoever.

Finally it is not enough to simply dismantle the current money paradigm as that alone would prove disruptively abrupt, whatever logical inconsistencies must be corrected restoring a correct and logically feasible functionality on the basis of fully objective scientific and/or formal logical criteria.


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