The  Subtle Art of Censure by Stealth

By Marc Gauvin (c) 19/3/2014
Updated 9/10/2014

Reproduction expressly permitted provided both attribution and link are provided.

There are two types of brilliance, that which is conceived outside of any known paradigm and  that that which depends on a false paradigm.   The current control system finances the free expression of the second, because in falsity ultimately nothing has any relevance.  It is the first that it censures,  the best censure being that done by stealth, i.e. by reproducing brilliance abundantly and preferentially from the second category, in this way,  it marginalises relevant discourse without actively denying or confronting it.  Following this, it promotes the prejudice that all that is not framed in a popular discourse is not relevant to the "majority".   It is brilliance that captivates minds within false paradigms, given that it benefits from the assumption of a high quality of thought that then is easily confused with veracity of argument.

The key technique used by the 'intellectual' class to confuse first themselves and then the rest of us, is not distinguishing the conclusive from the inconclusive. By confusing the two the mind manipulators make the conclusive seem inconclusive so that any truth they might not want to be imposed becomes a matter of 'opinion'.  That is why we can't afford not to settle all conclusive matters first using the common free public domain dictatorship of logic and reason over 'authoritative' opinions. 

I bet that we would all be surprised how much of our lives would be resolved and how much power we could wrestle back from the 'opinion makers' and so called 'leaders',  that in all frankness have probably never asked themselves what is and isn't conclusive, because apart from sounding learned they have little to no intellectual discipline to talk of.

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